[crux-devel] TODO28: /run

Moritz Wilhelmy ml+crux at barfooze.de
Mon Apr 4 09:10:49 UTC 2011

Dear CRUXers,

TODO28 in the wiki mentions the possible inclusion of /run in the next release.
While I see the point of this for other distributions, I'm not completely
convinced we should do so as well.
I didn't want to break this discussion from the fence in the wiki (because a
wiki is not the place to discuss that kind of things), and I didn't notice any
discussion at all on the matter, so I decided to post here.

Here my few points:

* /run is not yet in FHS.
* Early boot should start udev, and then /var will be mounted. We don't use
  systemd, and creating /run just for udev seems out of place. I don't mind if
  udev creates it's directories in /dev/.udev, because udev is halfway related
  to /dev anyway. I see the point on distros using systemd, since they need to
  cram other, unrelated stuff into /dev, so /run is probably a better design
  choice for them; Nevertheless, CRUX is not fedora. So unless anyone wants to
  switch from SysV-init to systemd for the next release, I vote against /run.

At least the FHS issue has also been mentioned on the original /run

Best regards,


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