[crux-devel] Encouraging CRUX community efforts to support CRUX developers.

Danny Rawlins monster.romster at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 12:01:21 UTC 2012

On 01/04/12 21:07, Emmanuel Benisty wrote:
> Dear CRUX developers,
> Having the latest and greatest version of ports is the second most
> important reason I've been using CRUX since almost two years now,
> starting with one laptop, then a HTPC and finally a router/firewall.
> Like many others, the main reason is CRUX's utmost simple and elegant
> design.
> I'm aware that CRUX developers' team is rather small, that some people
> may be busy with real life and that they offer their work for free.
> Please understand that I am *not* complaining in any way, I'm just
> willing to share some thoughts that may help to facilitate the time
> consuming, not always exciting task of packaging.
> If some ports are behind the latest versions, I would imagine that's
> because CRUX is lacking manpower. On the other hand, I understand that
> CRUX can't accept any random user as a developer. Most of the time,
> I've been updating ports by myself, on my machines, but I think it's
> rather sad that 1. it can't benefit the whole community 2. it's a
> duplicate effort as sooner or later, the official maintainer will
> update those ports. I've been posting few patches on IRC or sometimes
> sent them to maintainers by email but that is not always efficient
> because if you're too busy to update your ports, you're most likely
> too busy to review others' patches too. So I've been thinking about
> the following:
> What would you think about the creation of a community-patches-queue
> git repo accessible by, well, CRUX community. This is how it could
> work:
> 1. User U has updated port P on his machine, he would then commit a
> diff patch to community-patches-queue (we could also make a ports repo
> out of it and encourage people to use and test those ports but that's
> another story)
> 2. One (or more?) CRUX developer, available at that time, would
> volunteer to review and sign-off the patch.
> 3. Signed-off patches are sent to the official maintainer (or
> committed to community-patches-acked) so he could review and apply
> them or just apply them with peace of mind if he's too busy to review
> them fully (or even let other devs apply them?)
> Maybe that sounds too complicated for temporary situations but what I
> can I say is that I'm willing to help (and I'm not the only one, for
> sure). Sending patches to community-patches-queue would be a way to do
> so.
> Thanks in advance for your comments and wishing you all a pleasant Sunday.
> Cheers,
> -- Emmanuel
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Hello Emmanuel,

I have done something smiler recently I forked the xorg repository and
updated nearly everything except a couple of ports that would break
things, if I post the site here it'll get this email spam filtered, it's
been on jaegers irc log a few times. I've thought of doing the same for
opt and perhaps contrib, but I would only be bumping stuff that I would
be confident to do so.

I am in opt so I guess I am a dev now, I would welcome some system
system for more community involvement.

I have a version sort i'm working on as well to track port versions, I
knwo there is ck4up and other tools out there. But this program i am
working on has more uses than just a version list-er.

p.s. site is at romster dyndns org

Danny Rawlins
Romster @ freenode

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