[crux-devel] CRUX next

Matt Housh jaeger at morpheus.net
Wed Jul 11 13:06:07 UTC 2012

On 07/08/12 03:28, Juergen Daubert wrote:
> Hello,
> now that glibc 2.16 is available a new version of CRUX seems to be 
> doable. But before we start working, we should consider some important, 
> upcoming changes besides the usual small updates and improvements [1].
> a) Switch our main development platform to the x86_64 architecture [2], 
>    the first version should be called CRUX 3.0.

I am, unsurprisingly, all for switching to x86_64 as well as multilib.
Installing glibc-32 as the only "out of the box" 32-bit package is how
the unofficial ISO currently works so that's perfect for me.

> b) Keep our repository layout as simple as possible
> At the moment we have official repos for i686 and overlay repos for 
> x86_64 and multilib on top of those. That's ok and the best way to do 
> it at the moment, but not really neat for the final solution.
> I'd suggest to merge everything needed by a) into our core/opt/xorg
> repos and add only _one_ additional repo, probably called 'lib32', 
> for the compatibility libraries.

Personally I'd prefer to keep the collection separation intact for
32-bit ports, something like 'core-32/opt-32/xorg-32'. With that said
I'll go with the majority opinion here, it's just my personal
preference. I feel like a single 'lib32' collection could be messy.

As an aside I'd suggest a different name than 'lib32' since there's no
guarantee that only libs will be installed from it. Perhaps something
like 'compat32' or similar?

> c) Create a final CRUX 2.7.2 for i686  

I have no strong opinion on this but it seems like a nice idea.

> d) Device management

Staying with udev 182 seems like the best current option to me. If we
cannot separate future versions of udev from systemd then my second
preference would be mdev.


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