[crux-devel] CRUX next II

Juergen Daubert jue at jue.li
Fri Jul 27 16:16:32 UTC 2012

Hi all,

first a big thanks for all the replies we got for the initial 'CRUX 
next' thread [1]. We like to summarize the results a bit and do the 
following proposal:

- we switch our main development platform to the x86_64 architecture. 
  This will be called CRUX 3.0 and will be the only version with
  official support. We go for the "multilib ready" approach, meaning
  that our toolchain is capable to produce 32-bit binaries. Besides
  glibc-32 we will not ship any 32-bit compat library on our ISO.
  We will merge everything needed for the above into our main repos
  and add _one_ additional repo, called compat-32, for the 32-bit 
  compatibility libraries. After all we will have 4 official repos: 
  core, opt, xorg and compat-32.
- to give our users a smooth option to switch to x86_64 we create 
  a final i686 version, called CRUX 2.8. It includes the latest 
  toolchain and roughly all the stuff listed on [2]. 
  If we find volunteers for it, we might create another repo, probably 
  called i686, as _one_ i686 overlay for the main repositories.

A summary timeline for the above should look something like this:

1. create a branch 2.8 based on 2.7 for the core/opt/xorg repos
2. update the toolchain and do verything described in [2]
3. release CRUX 2.8 for the i686 architecture
4. create a branch 3.0 based on 2.8 for the core/opt/xorg repos
   and add the compat-32 repository
5. merge everything from *-x86_64.git and *-multilib.git into our
   {core,opt,xorg,compat-32}.git repositories
6. release CRUX 3.0 for the x86_64 architecture

best regards
Matt + Juergen

[1] http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.distributions.crux.devel/2291
[2] http://crux.nu/Wiki/TODO28

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