[crux-devel] A proposal for the 'xorg' ports repo

Juergen Daubert jue at jue.li
Tue Jun 19 09:10:19 UTC 2012

On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 06:56:23PM -0500, Matt Housh wrote:
> Greetings, all,
> Since Tilman has retired and we've been reapportioning ports to some
> extent, I have a proposal for the future of the xorg ports
> repository. I'll keep it simple, the proposal is something like
> this:
> My idea is that the 'xorg' repo be adopted by the CRUX core team as
> far as maintenance and updates are concerned. Any core team member
> can make updates as needed to the repo following 3 simple
> guidelines:
> 1) The set of release tarballs at the x.org releases directory [1]
> is considered the "base approved" sources for the 'xorg' repository,
> the current release being X11R7.7 as indicated at the main x.org
> page [2].
> 2) Appropriate updates for xorg-related CVE-IDs (or bugtraq
> announcements, etc.) are considered approved after testing that the
> updated version doesn't have any obvious build problems or bugs. In
> this case it would include a relevant CVE-ID link or the like in the
> commit message. We already do this most of the time.
> 3) Module updates from the xorg-announce mailing list [3] are
> considered approved after the same testing as guideline 2.
> Of course 2 and 3 will overlap at times as some module updates will
> likely occur due to CVE (or bugtraq, etc.) announcements.
> While this sounds a bit forced in writing that's really not my
> intent. My intent is simply to suggest a way to centralize the
> 'xorg' repo effort so that it's not a one-man show anymore.
> Theoretically this should allow us to keep on top of the updates
> pretty quickly when it's needed. The aforementioned testing
> obviously isn't a rigorous test of everything, hopefully upstream is
> doing that for us. It's just the normal expected diligence on the
> part of the port maintainers to make sure they port they're pushing
> works.
> Thoughts, comments, objections, etc.?

Many thanks for your proposal, that's all fine for me, however I'm
unsure what you mean with 'core team'. Do you mean, in terms of our
About page [1], the 'core maintainers'?

If so I'm a bit afraid to add another 200+ ports to that little team
and would suggest to create a new xorg team, which may be made up
from interested core and opt maintainers.


[1] http://crux.nu/Main/About

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