[crux-devel] Adding a "recompile" meta field to Pkgfiles

Leo Unglaub leo at leo-unglaub.net
Fri Jan 2 11:59:53 UTC 2015

Hey guys,
i want to propose a "recompile" meta field in Pkgfiles that would list
packages that need to be rebuild after an update of the current package.

This would be very handy specially for the XFCE4 ports with i would love
to take over and maintain. But thats another topic ;)

What are your thoughts on that one? An example would look like that:

> # Description: PolarSSL - Straightforward, Secure Communication
> # URL: https://polarssl.org/
> # Maintainer: Leo Unglaub, leo at leo-unglaub dot net
> # Developer: Paul Bakker, p.j.bakker at offspark dot com
> # Depends on: cmake
> # Recompile: hiawatha


Leo Unglaub

Website: https://www.leo-unglaub.net
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LeoUnglaub

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