[crux-devel] Adding a "recompile" meta field to Pkgfiles

Leo Unglaub leo at leo-unglaub.net
Fri Jan 2 15:20:09 UTC 2015


On 01/02/15 15:23, Jose V Beneyto wrote:
> To note about rebuild issues we have notification emails and also the
> README file in each port

yes we have the README file, however i for example have 3 Computers that
i use. Home, Office and Laptop. I use my Laptop just every few weeks and
then have to remember with ports now need a rebuild and with are fine
without it.

Of course it would be possible without that new meta field, but it would
simplify things.

> Anyways, to help, IMHO it would be best if I know your previous work. And you should also follow the rules of contrib [*]
> "Maintain an httpup repository for a while (maybe 2-6 month) to get used to packaging, following upstream sources etc." 

I am already doing that, i have my own repository here
http://crux.nu/portdb/?a=repo&q=leo-unglaub and here is my GIT
repository for it: https://bitbucket.org/leo-unglaub/crux-ports-leo-unglaub


Leo Unglaub

Website: https://www.leo-unglaub.net
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LeoUnglaub

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