[crux-devel] Adding a "recompile" meta field to Pkgfiles

Juergen Daubert jue at jue.li
Sat Jan 3 08:52:35 UTC 2015

On Fri, Jan 02, 2015 at 12:59:53PM +0100, Leo Unglaub wrote:
> Hey guys,

Hello Leo,

> i want to propose a "recompile" meta field in Pkgfiles that would list
> packages that need to be rebuild after an update of the current package.
> This would be very handy specially for the XFCE4 ports with i would love
> to take over and maintain. But thats another topic ;)
> What are your thoughts on that one? An example would look like that:
> > # Description: PolarSSL - Straightforward, Secure Communication
> > # URL: https://polarssl.org/
> > # Maintainer: Leo Unglaub, leo at leo-unglaub dot net
> > # Developer: Paul Bakker, p.j.bakker at offspark dot com
> > # Depends on: cmake
> > # Recompile: hiawatha

thanks for sharing your idea, however I think it will not work because
of the following problems:

1. A port maintainer has only a limited view on all available ports,
   he use only a small selection of ports. So the best bet for him is,
   as Don Cupp already mentioned in another post, to use the dependent
   output of prt-get for Recompile:, which in turn is not constant but 
   depends on the repos enabled in prt-get.conf.
2. We are talking mostly about libraries here, but no every update of 
   a lib changes the API/ABI, so we need a mechanismus to notify the 
   user that he must recompile the dependent stuff.

As a general rule we avoid incompatible updates between CRUX releases
whenever possible, meaning that we do master updates to critical stuff 
like libpng or libpcre only at release bounderies. If we have to break
this rule we should use our [notify] system to warn that user action
is required.
In such a case the use of revdep(1) from opt/prt-utils is highly
recommended and should find all broken ports.

best regards

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