[crux-devel] Cleaning Up giflib / libungif

David L. Craig dlc.usa at gmail.com
Sun Jan 15 04:09:47 UTC 2017

Starting back in 2007 it is recorded in the #crux archives that the expiration
of the GIF patent had deprecated libungif as far as CRUX was to be concerned.
Today there is still collision in the known ports 'verse and maybe it is time
to do something about it.

According to my research, the following are available:

            opt giflib         5.1.4-1  [null Depends On]
            nwe libungif       4.1.4-1  [null Depends On]
            syl libungif       4.1.4-1  [no Depends On]
        noggplz libungif-32    4.1.4-1  [no Depends On]

The following depend on giflib:

  enlightenment efi            1.8.6-1
  enlightenment efi-e19        1.15.3-1
           6c37 emacs          25.1-1
         timcow emacs          24.5-1
       baguette emacs-gtk3     24.5-1
            opt fontforge      20150824-1
            j_v icedtea7       2.6.8-1
            opt imlib2         1.4.9-1
           kde4 kdelibs        4.14.5-1
            kf5 khtml          5.30.0-1
         jaeger kodi           16.1-1
       baguette mtpaint        3.40-3
           6c37 openimageio    1.7.10-1
             df openscenegraph 3.4-4
           bdfy qgis           1.7.4-1
        romster simage         1.7.0-1
        contrib sxiv           1.3.1-1
        contrib xscreensaver   5.35-1 

The following depend on libungif:

            syl emacs          24.4-1
        stdevel fbida          2.07-1
        romster imlib          1.9.15-2
        romster scm-imlib2     cvs-1
           vico wmaker-crm     0.95.0-crm-1
        contrib xplanet        1.3.0-1

Nothing seems to depend on libungif-32.

There are depends on conflicts where installation of both giflib and libungif
can be attempted by prt-get depinst.

Does it make sense to eradicate libungif ports?

Does it make sense to turn libungif into a prt-get alias of giflib?
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