[crux-devel] Cleaning Up giflib / libungif

Fredrik Rinnestam fredrik at rinnestam.se
Sun Jan 15 21:35:06 UTC 2017

On Sun, Jan 15, 2017 at 04:09:47AM +0000, David L. Craig wrote:
> Starting back in 2007 it is recorded in the #crux archives that the expiration
> of the GIF patent had deprecated libungif as far as CRUX was to be concerned.
> Today there is still collision in the known ports 'verse and maybe it is time
> to do something about it.
> The following depend on libungif:
>             syl emacs          24.4-1
>         stdevel fbida          2.07-1
>         romster imlib          1.9.15-2
>         romster scm-imlib2     cvs-1
>            vico wmaker-crm     0.95.0-crm-1
>         contrib xplanet        1.3.0-1
> Nothing seems to depend on libungif-32.
> There are depends on conflicts where installation of both giflib and libungif
> can be attempted by prt-get depinst.
> Does it make sense to eradicate libungif ports?

It's up to the various maintainers. contrib/xplanet is probably just an
oversight since libungif hasn't been in the crux depos for quite some

> Does it make sense to turn libungif into a prt-get alias of giflib?

That's for each user to decide. 

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