[crux-devel] entropy-saver.c to seed real entropy

Steffen Nurpmeso steffen at sdaoden.eu
Thu Jun 13 15:48:05 UTC 2019


Don Cupp wrote in <1152876777.449542.1560380336620 at mail.yahoo.com>:
 |I think you can already do this with rngd. 
 |rngd -r <your entropy dump> -o /dev/random

Well i have never said i made a brilliant discovery or something.
Hm, i did not know about rngd until you mentioned it (i was grown
in BSD land), but looking at the manual -r requires a random
producing hardware device .. so does looking at the code.  That
i do not have around.  Maybe you too, then you now have a little

I personally think it is kind of overengineering and silly that
i as the owner of my box cannot simply store away and feed back in
entropy via the shell, just as via that urandom seed stuff.  In
fact that entire RNG issue makes me sick, eh, a pool of noise
protected by two chained expensive math algorithms, going into
a second pool which does ditto or something, on a box that does so
much stuff, with (hopefully) hooks sitting on top of all the
virtual file system and network and input device and time counters
which add some further noise, all the time, why am i not allowed
to simply feed in some collected random data to unlock that mess.
Terrible.  That is: i remember i creating PGP keys with hammering
less than five minutes on my keyboard alone.  The difference in
the amount of random is as large as the universe.

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