[crux-devel] crux-install

Andy Kosela akosela at andykosela.com
Mon Mar 18 04:42:44 UTC 2019


A few months ago I wrote an interactive installation program[1] for CRUX
which simplifies installation process from ISO.  A few weeks ago I
shared it with the CRUX community via CRUX mailing list and received
quite a good feedback.  The occuring theme was that it would be nice to
include it in the future official ISO's as an additional, alternative
installation method.

Of course I'm very aware that most people running CRUX are very familiar
with a traditional, manual installation and they are happy to do the
same in the future, but it would benefit everybody to include this small
program (10K, shell script).

That way the official CRUX install method would still remain the same,
but folks wanting to speed it up would be able to issue:

  $ install

And run the interactive install program.

The idea behind it came from OpenBSD which IMHO has a very clean and
minimalist installation process.


[1] https://github.com/akosela/crux-install


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