[crux-devel] Application for contrib

Tim tbier at posteo.de
Sun Mar 31 17:53:13 UTC 2019

Hi everybody,

I want to apply to help out with contrib.

I use CRUX for quiet some time now (10+ years at least), I maintain my
own repository [1] publicly since 2018/06/19 and I recently added
crux-libreoffice [2], behind closed doors I'm preparing a repository
for steam-native ports.
I have been hosting some ports before, but this has been around 2010,
maybe somebody remembers me from then, I've been hanging out on IRC
back then too, but I don't remeber the name I used and since that
server I used to host in a shoe box died I lost most of my CRUX
related stuff at the time. O:) Let's say the situation looks somewhat
better today.

If there is anything you want to know in particular, let me know. 

TimB_ on irc.

Have a great sunday, best regards

Tim Biermann
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