[crux-reports] Potentially broken source downloads

crux at crux.nu crux at crux.nu
Sat Mar 6 09:29:21 UTC 2010

Port: /home/crux/git-to-rsync-working-copy/crux-2.6/opt/neon
 Url: http://www.webdav.org/neon/neon-0.29.2.tar.gz
 Reason: curl: (56) Failure when receiving data from the peer
 State: New

Port: /home/crux/git-to-rsync-working-copy/crux-2.6/opt/nvidia
 Url: ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/195.36.08/NVIDIA-Linux-x86-195.36.08-pkg0.run
 Reason: curl: (9) Server denied you to change to the given directory
 State: New

Full report: http://crux.nu/files/check_urls.html

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