Two sound card

Wawrzyniec Niewodniczański wawrzyniec.niewodniczanski at
Fri Dec 8 10:32:54 UTC 2006

Hi Wawrzek
Very annoying! It may be related to similar random behaviour
in whether eth0 is the wireless or ethernet connection.
(and random behaviour of console fullscreen or not at bootup.)
Sometimes it seems to be affected by use of Windows between
bootups, but not really consistently.
Hope someone has an answer.

Not Windows at my machine, so this another problem.

I partly resolve my problem. 
In Amarok you point directly to device not to 'number'[1].
I also write udev rules creating symlinks to my devices, so I always I
have /dev/mixer-intel and /dev/mixer-ens1370. But some programs [skype] 
point to alsa device 0, alsa device 1.



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