xfce4 ports

Juergen Daubert jue at jue.li
Mon Dec 11 16:47:23 UTC 2006


I've moved the ports for xfce 4.4 from my private httpup-repo [1]
to an official place on crux.nu. For now the ports are available
with git, rsync will follow. I removed the xfce 4.2 ports from
the 2.3 branch of opt as well.

To get the ports you have to install git and run the following

  git clone git://crux.nu/ports/xfce
  cd xfce
  git checkout 2.2

Please report any problems, contribution to this repo, e.g. 
xfce-goodies ports, are appreciated.

kind regards

[1] http://jue.li/crux/xfce4-beta/
Juergen Daubert  |  mailto:jue at jue.li  
Korb, Germany    |  http://jue.li/crux

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