mouse does not work in X (SOLVED)

arnuld arnuld3 at
Sun Dec 24 14:10:17 UTC 2006

> > > i reinstalled CRUX & found that CRUX by default does not enable the
> > > mouse. one *has to* enable mouse support before compiling kernel
> >
> > That's what people suggested you, IIRC.
of course people told me so & it was nearly unbelievable, that is why
i did not reinstall when first time i heard about that.

 CRUX is the only Linux distro where, in Linux kernel, you have to
"enable" mouse (out of SOURCEMAGE, Gentoo, Fedora, BLAG, Frugalware,
Arch, gNewSense & some others i did not remember)

but every distro has different set of features & targets a particular
set of problems so it can not be said that one is bad & other is good.

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Predator movie? why is it here as you signatures?


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