mouse does not work in X (SOLVED)

arnuld arnuld3 at
Mon Dec 25 05:58:11 UTC 2006

>> CRUX is the only Linux distro where, in Linux kernel, you have to
>> "enable" mouse (out of SOURCEMAGE, Gentoo, Fedora, BLAG, Frugalware,
>> Arch, gNewSense & some others i did not remember)

> As Michele already said, there is no kernel configuration that comes with CRUX.
> What you see, if you run make menuconfig in a  fresh tree, is the kernel-dev's
> "default" configuration.

YEP!, i did not know that, it is really strange for a newbie.


Juergen,  that really helped. BTW, CRUX is really good, i liked it :-)
except that Documenation in Handbook is very-very terse. i think it
some parts need little more explanation.

-- arnuld

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