X11R7 xorg-libxcb patch proposal

Giorgio Agrelli giorgio_a at libero.it
Thu Dec 28 02:28:44 UTC 2006


I've been using X11R7 for five months now and it really works like a
charm :) but since the latest updates of libxcb and mesa3d i've been
experiencing some problems... all them were related to xcb and binaries
terminating with:
programname: xcb_xlib.c:41: xcb_xlib_lock: Assertion `!c->xlib.lock' failed.
programname: xcb_xlib.c:41: xcb_xlib_unlock: Assertion `!c->xlib.lock'

of course some of these problems went away rebuilding apps and the whole
xorg set of ports from scratch, but, as clearly stated here:


some did not, due to code that is not compliant with libx11 and xcb
APIs, whose checks are becoming stricter.

So i could work around some of these problems (like OpenOffice that was
relying on mesa3d built on older libxcb), but i couldn't find a way to
get qt4 (taken from Sepen's repo) workig and i had to patch libxcb itself...
i used this patch (yes i know it's a "regression" patch...):
and now qt4 are working plus i feel some (mainly gtk2-based) apps are
much stabler, and don't randomly crash...

I believe patching of libxcb for at least some months should be
considered, as there is still lots of code around that won't work at all
(like qt4) or worst, that will randomly close the app while working.



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