X11R7 xorg-libxcb patch proposal

Tilman Sauerbeck tilman at crux.nu
Thu Dec 28 10:19:26 UTC 2006

Giorgio Agrelli [2006-12-28 03:28]:
> of course some of these problems went away rebuilding apps and the whole
> xorg set of ports from scratch, but, as clearly stated here:
> http://people.debian.org/~terpstra/message/20061127.041128.8a08d75f.en.html
> some did not, due to code that is not compliant with libx11 and xcb
> APIs, whose checks are becoming stricter.

Another example:
* Old versions of SDL that might ship with binary-only games (eg
  Neverwinter Nights) suffer from the same. In that case, making the
  game use libSDL in /usr/lib fixes the problem
* Cegeda has a locking bug somewhere, too.

> So i could work around some of these problems (like OpenOffice that was
> relying on mesa3d built on older libxcb), but i couldn't find a way to
> get qt4 (taken from Sepen's repo) workig and i had to patch libxcb itself...
> i used this patch (yes i know it's a "regression" patch...):
> http://developer.momonga-linux.org/viewvc/trunk/pkgs/libxcb/libxcb-0.9.93-xcb_xlib_no_assert.patch
> and now qt4 are working plus i feel some (mainly gtk2-based) apps are
> much stabler, and don't randomly crash...

Did you search the web, bugzilla's of other Distributions (Debian comes
to mind, since they already use libxcb :D) for patches for these
problems? If not, file bugs against qt (at Trolltech, not at CRUX' bug
tracker!) and the other apps that are crashing.
Most of these locking bugs were easy to fix in the past.

I don't have any problems, and it seems you're the only one (apart from
Matt, who has (or had) the Cedega problem) who's got problems there...

> I believe patching of libxcb for at least some months should be
> considered, as there is still lots of code around that won't work at all
> (like qt4) or worst, that will randomly close the app while working.

... which isn't enough reason for me to use this patch.
Feel free to provide your own xorg-libxcb port though, that includes the
patch - but I'll only use it if I get either much more problem reports
or everything goes up in flames for me, too :D

Code that hides bugs is the devil.


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