mouse does not work in X (SOLVED)

Juergen Daubert jue at
Thu Dec 28 15:29:31 UTC 2006

On Thu, Dec 28, 2006 at 07:41:24PM +0900, Clare Johnstone wrote:
> On 12/24/06, Juergen Daubert <jue at> wrote:
> >On Sun, Dec 24, 2006 at 07:40:17PM +0530, arnuld wrote:
> >[...]
> >> CRUX is the only Linux distro where, in Linux kernel, you have to
> >> "enable" mouse (out of SOURCEMAGE, Gentoo, Fedora, BLAG, Frugalware,
> >> Arch, gNewSense & some others i did not remember)
> >
> >As Michele already said, there is no kernel configuration that
> >comes with CRUX. What you see, if you run make menuconfig in a
> >fresh tree, is the kernel-dev's "default" configuration.
> >
> >HTH
> >Juergen
> Hi Jue,

Hi Clare,

> This has me puzzled. I am installing the trial version of 2.3.
> To make my life easier I always copy the kernel from the CD into
> /boot and copy the modules from the CD also. That way I have no need
> to compile a kernel the first time, just get grub in and try it out.
> After setting that really useful variable
> LESSOPEN='|/usr/lib/less/filter %s'
> I was able to get the config used in the running CD kernel with
> less /proc/config.gz > gzconfig
> and then diff .config gzconfig showed it to be  the same
> as the initial .config  in the kernel source
> (except small difference in version and date).

yes, you are right, it's the same. I never noticed that setup copies 
the ISO kernel-config to /usr/src/linux-<version>.
Whether that config is sensible as an starting point or not is another 
question, because there are lot of modules you never need enabled, and 
other more important might be not.

Anyway, thanks for hint.


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