mouse does not work in X (SOLVED)

arnuld arnuld3 at
Fri Dec 29 10:10:47 UTC 2006

> > > Juergen,  that really helped. BTW, CRUX is really good, i liked it :-)
> > > except that Documenation in Handbook is very-very terse. i think it
> > > some parts need little more explanation.
> >
> > Nice, that you like it!

simplicity rules :-)
> > But please give us feedback, where you see gaps in the handbook, so
> > we can fill them  up.
Ok here is the list of what *i* think are gaps in CRUX 2.2 Handbok:

 1.) in section 3.2 simply add this:

 "This section is not a "Partition How to". we assume you already know
 how to partition a hard-drive. CRUX 2.2 CD uses both fdisk & cfdisk.
use Google on how to partition using  these. (BTW, cfdisk is much
easier, even if you have never used it, you will do it correctly the
1st time you use it :-) "

2.) add this just before you say "make menuconfig":

 "CRUX does not have a customised kernel, (Gentoo users will feel
disappointed ;-) it uses the kernel as it is developed by the Linux
kernel team/Hackers. Henc you need to add support for these  2 by
manually selecting modules:

1.)  "mouse" in "device drivers -> input devices", IIRC
2.) PPP in "device drivers -> networking support". select these 4 at least:

         <*>  PPP (point-to-point protocal) support
         <*>  PPP support for async serial ports
         <*>  PPP support for sync tty ports
         <*> PPPoE (point-to-point over Ethernet) support

 3.) check you manual for audio crad & Ethernet & slecect the
appriopriate modules. otherwiese they will not work.

 4.) carefully read nearly all the options & select the ones you
require. then hit "exit" from "make menuconfig" & "save" changes.

BTW we need 2 more things in CRUX WIKI:

 1.) a brief tutorial on using GRUB.

 2.) an article on "the CRUX way" or "the CRUX design". may be title
like "Power of Simplicity" :-)

3.) some common errors that happen with GNOME install like  web-site
"" does not exist but GNOME rsync & httpup ports use that
:-(. i have to manually edit the Pkgfile to point to:

 (provided to me by Markus through this mailing list)

 i think there are more errors like this. i also think CRUX has not
nothing to do with this as these are user contributed ports not the
core/opt ones.

thanks for your precious time.


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