mouse does not work in X (SOLVED)

Sander van Dijk a.h.vandijk at
Sat Dec 30 08:46:03 UTC 2006


On 12/29/06, arnuld <arnuld3 at> wrote:
> 2.) add this just before you say "make menuconfig":
>  "CRUX does not have a customised kernel, (Gentoo users will feel
> disappointed ;-) it uses the kernel as it is developed by the Linux
> kernel team/Hackers. Henc you need to add support for these  2 by
> manually selecting modules:
> 1.)  "mouse" in "device drivers -> input devices", IIRC
> 2.) PPP in "device drivers -> networking support". select these 4 at least:
>          <*>  PPP (point-to-point protocal) support
>          <*>  PPP support for async serial ports
>          <*>  PPP support for sync tty ports
>          <*> PPPoE (point-to-point over Ethernet) support
>  3.) check you manual for audio crad & Ethernet & slecect the
> appriopriate modules. otherwiese they will not work.
>  4.) carefully read nearly all the options & select the ones you
> require. then hit "exit" from "make menuconfig" & "save" changes.

I think that's much too verbose. Basically it can all be summed up as
"if you don't compile in (or as a module) the drivers for your
hardware, the hardware won't work". Duh...
I think a simple note would be more appropriate: "note: CRUX' default
kernel config is the one shipped with the kernel; this is quite bare,
so you'll probably have to enable most drivers for your hardware
manually". I think that also describes the "problem" better: the
"problem" isn't that hardware doesn't work without the correct
drivers, it's that the default config omits a lot of drivers (well
that's not actually a problem, on the contrary, it provides a clean
start, but it _is_ something the user should be aware of).

Greetings, Sander.

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