GNOME install error "fotprint mismatch found"

bisco bisco at
Sat Dec 30 09:47:01 UTC 2006

On Fri, 29 Dec 2006 11:51:34 +0000, arnuld <arnuld3 at> wrote:
>> > "ERROR: footprint mismatch found"
> "prt-get -uf depinst --install-scripts gnome"
> and it resolved the problem and installed the CUPS :-)
-uf flag automagically updates the footprint; in my opinion, this is a bad idea because you can't check the mismatch and so you can't decide if the package has been built correctly or not.
Instead of -uf flag, you can manually add the package if there are no critical mismatches.

My 2 cents

PS: sorry for my very bad english

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