Joe Gilmour jgilmour at
Mon Feb 27 09:01:16 UTC 2006

I don't know about the Zaurus.

The SD card will depend on a few things.  I'll assume it's a USB adapter 
that you plug your SD card into.  I've found the best way is to remove 
the adapter, then plug it in with the SD card in it.  Then you can mount 
/dev/sda1 (could be anything like /dev/sd[a-z][1-9] depending on your 

Remember that if you want lots of automagic stuff then CRUX isn't for 
you.  Crux just doesn't come with all that stuff but that's what it's 
about.  I've set up my system to always have certain usb drives and 
memory cards mount to certain spots but I still have to mount them 
manually (I've got entries in /etc/fstab that enable users to mount them 
and also set the permissions and such).  I believe there is a package in 
the repo somewhere that includes auto mounting but I haven't played with 
that yet.  You'll need to spend some time with google and be prepared to 
read lots of howtos and man pages.

Hope this helps,


wawrzyniec.niewodniczanski at wrote:
> Hello,
> Can I find any info how hotplug/udev is working in crux? I'm a bit
> confused. I would like to start my 
> a) Zaurus
> b) SD card
> For b) I checked with Ubuntu and it worked out of box. I try to copy
> some their conf., but i failed.
> Wawrzek

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