Packages for kernel drivers

Alan Mizrahi alan-crux at
Sun Jul 2 16:37:22 UTC 2006

El Domingo, 2 de Julio de 2006 12:31 AM, Joe Gilmour escribió:
> Wouldn't a rule in /etc/pkgadd.conf help here?
> Something like:
> UPGRADE         ^lib/modules/.*$     NO
> Not sure if this will solve your problem entirely, it depends on pkgadd
> and the way it handles installing to different directories.
> HTH,
> Joe

I already tried this, expecting the new module to be kept 
in /var/lib/pkg/rejected, but this didn't even happen.  The old module was 
deleted and the new one took its place.

Did I do something wrong? Is this working for you?


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