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Clemens Koller clemens.koller at anagramm.de
Tue Jul 4 08:14:09 UTC 2006

Hello, Joe!

Joe Gilmour wrote:
> I'm looking at upgrading to a new workstation. Most likely an AMD 64 bit 
> CPU.  I know there is a 64 bit version of crux (I use it on a server) 
> but it's a little out dated now and has been discontinued.
> Is anyone using crux on a 64 bit machine in 64 bit mode and if so are 
> there any tricks to getting it set up?  I love my crux and I REALLY 
> don't want to have to look for another distro.

Same thing over here. We want to do native 64bit software development
on an 64bit Athlon X2 with just the necessary 32bit stuff on it.

I've had a look at a Gentoo based Distro called RR64 (Sabayon) at
http://www.lxnaydesign.net/ (I do some beta testing there, too)
It's nice for a fancy desktop system with lots of bells'n'whistles,
but for a server there is just too much stuff someone won't need.

I think it's pretty important to get 64bit versions out, soon.
Can somebody tell what's missing to put out the latest CRUX in 64bit?
I can offer to spend some hours for low-level stuff (kernel/toolchain).


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