Request for Crux 2.3

Ryan B. Lynch rlynch at
Wed Jul 5 19:10:01 UTC 2006

It might not be that the driver is missing, exactly--it could be that 
the driver version is the problem. I recently installed Crux 2.2 on a 
number of relatively new machines with 3Ware 9500 RAID controllers. The 
default kernel on the install CD didn't recognize the controller. I 
ended up having to bootstrap the installation with a recent Ubuntu 
release (newer boot kernel), copying the packages over from another machine.

You should be able to see whether the driver is loaded by looking in the 
'dmesg' output from boot time, or looking for a directory with the 
driver's name in "/sys/module"... This shows both modules and built-in 


smagnuson at wrote:
> Tried to install crux 2.2 on a dell the other day with a perc card and 
> found that crux 2.2 boot cd will not boot. This has come up a few 
> times, perhaps we can get this into crux 2.3.
> Thanks
> Sig
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> I too think it’d be a great idea to include support for the DELL PERC RAID controllers in the install kernel.   We’re primarily a Dell shop, and this would make things a lot easier… I’m sure we’re not alone here. J
> -Adam

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