Gnome port installation failed at iso-codes_0.49.orig.tar.gz

Danny Rawlins d.rawlins at
Mon Jul 10 13:46:30 UTC 2006

Not tricky to do a '$ sudo prt-get depinst <port>' as for the broken 
port yeah just goto the next stable version and email the port 
maintainer, '$ prt-get info <port>'

Mats Pettersson wrote:
> Hi!
> I've just installed CRUX 2.2 and is currently trying to install the 
> GNOME port (man, couldn't they slim it down a bit). prt-get failed 
> when getting about to download iso-codes_0.49.orig.tar.gz. Seems that 
> version is gone. Could just find 0.44 and 0.51-1.1, so i hacked the 
> Pkg-file and .md5sum to include the latter. I hope i haven't borken 
> any other dependencies because of that.
> I post this here in case the maintainer reads this list.
> I'm currently started the install again. 2 hours and counting... this 
> is ruff.
> Mats

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