how can i install from harddisk

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> Get a program such as burn4free that can burn ISO images to CD-r 
> if you don't have a CD/DVD burner nor a floppy drive then you'll need to 
> use another Linux disk to boot up on then mount the hard disk partition 
> then mount the ISO image as a loop back device, this is all after 
> backing up your existing windows XP then resizing the hard disk to have 
> space to install crux for a dual boot system and the hassle of setting 
> up lilo or the Windows boot menu to be able to select the 2 operating 
> systems, or its a bit easier to just wipe the disk and install crux as a 
> standalone system.
Resize your win partition first.
Try booting from usb-flash key (if you have any by the hand) with
the distro like Damn Small Linux ( then
mounting iso, chrooting into it, installing crux following the Handbook.

Of coarse it is strongly advised to follow such steps only if you are
familar with linux and partitioning.

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