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Witold Bołt ja at
Thu Jul 20 23:00:37 UTC 2006

Diederick de Vries napisał(a):
> Me, as an average user, I dread every single release. It involves work because 
> things apparently needed to change. They are effectively an interruption of 
> what is otherwise a very nice system.
> I would hope that everything that changes is done as much as possible using 
> the normal and elegant Crux mechanisms (prt-get update) and that new releases 
> are only done when absolutely necessary, even though they may look nice on 
> osnews and distrowatch.

As opposed to your post Diederick, I really like the idea to have new
releases more often. I would rather like to prt-get update mechanism to
be as stable as possible and not change anything important - to give as
much stability and security as possible. New features, new major
versions of big applications/frameworks/desktop environments should go
into new distribution release.

Of course some people would like to have security updates for older crux
versions to be published longer then for a half of year. But that would
require some extra work to do...

Anyway I would love to see new crux every winter and summer for example.


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