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Fri Jul 21 07:34:25 UTC 2006

Hello, Han.

On Fri, 21 Jul 2006 01:10:18 +0200
Han Boetes <han at> wrote:

> Diederick de Vries wrote:
> > Me, as an average user, I dread every single release. It
> > involves work because things apparently needed to change. They
> > are effectively an interruption of what is otherwise a very nice
> > system.
> If you have crux installed and keep tracking the updates regularly
> it should be a mild transition.
> And the longer you postpone upgrades the harder it will be to fix
> changes. So regular upgrades keep the admin task doable.

> regular releases are better for installers so they are quite up to
> date to start with. And for people who keep tracking updates they
> are not necessary, all they have to do is change the release tag
> and rebuild some ports and run rejmerge.
Once again something inside tells me it's a way towards some troubles
after 2-3 such updates. Double rebuild of the whole system in chrooted
environment sounds like an overkill, but what is the safe and sane way?

Such way a crux-current would be even nicer and simpler to follow, but
not shure how toolchain changes are implemented, for example, in

Also, they are kernel developers too, while crux only implements
userspace. There are ~80 active developers working on OpenBSD and very
few here. So the cycle period is not a trivial thing to choose.

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