a little bit outdated networking stuff

Mikhail Kolesnik mike at openbunker.org
Sun Jul 23 18:32:06 UTC 2006

From CRUX Handbook: "The secondary focus is utilization of new Linux
features and recent tools and libraries."

Firstly, /etc/{services,protocols} are not up to date. I am suggesting
using iana-etc[1]. Note, this will affect, for example, iptables rules
with protocol names people are currently using.
Ticket created, id: 94.

Current core/netkit-base consists of the two files mentioned above
(which hopefully can be updated), ping, inetd. Latest Changelog entry
in netkit-base-0.17 is dated 24-Jul-2000.

As I can see, modern distros prefer Iputils[1] which can provide at
least more featured 'ping' command (just compare man pages). It is
not a simple 'I want' but 'I need and many more people might need'
features like 'ping -I eth1'. But Iputils is not a bleeding age project
too (11/09/02).

Nothing against inetd at this point.

Of coarse, all above is IMHO.

[1] http://www.sethwklein.net/projects/iana-etc
[2] http://linux-net.osdl.org/index.php/Iputils

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