Problems installing with USB CDROM

Dennis depadiernos at
Sun Jul 23 20:47:29 UTC 2006

i've had this same problem... no matter what kernel i use, i would get a
kernel panic.  of course, only when using an external usb-cdrom drive.  it
would boot off of an external usb-hdd.  i don't know what's wrong either.

hope someone else gives it a try to fix.


On 7/23/06, Oleksiy wrote:
> Originally Bernd Eggink wrote:
> > I'm trying to install Crux on an IBM Thinkpad. This notebook has a USB
> > CDROM and no floppy drive. The Crux CD-ROM boots, but the kernel
> > apparently doesn't support USB and therefore can't see the CDROM drive
> > afterwards.
> As far as i know, CRUX boot cd supports USB. I successfully use my
> packages from USN hdd during installation.
> Maybe you should try other device names, like /dev/sda or so.
> Can't say a bit more since I haven't seen USB cdroms so far :)
> HTH.
> --
> Oleksiy

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