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Johannes Winkelmann jw at
Thu Mar 2 08:19:53 UTC 2006

Hi all,

As some of you certainly have realized got a facelift.
Instead of the previous all-in-one solution with trac, we now have
separate components for the wiki (wikka), bug tracking (flyspray) and
subversion web interface (svnweb).
There are two reasons why we wanted to do that change: first, we'll get
more powerful components for the wiki and bug tracking, and second it
will allow us to upgrade (or even exchange) individual components
without taking the site completely down.

Note that we now require reporters in the bug tracking to create
accounts: unfortunately some anonymous reporter repeatedly submitted
invalid reports (which was the trigger for this whole switch BTW), and
we just had it. Registration is open to everyone though.

While a number of us was actively helping to do the migration, special
credits should be given to Simone Rota who did the installation on and not only gave all components the same look, but also managed
to do it in a way which many browsers support:
Also, there are still a number of glitches and issues we're working on,
so expect minor problems throughout the next couple of days.

We're convinced that the new site is better in many ways than the old
one and have lots of ideas to improve it in the future (which only now
became possible, thanks to the more powerful wiki), and hope that you
see it the same way.

Best regards, Johannes
Johannes Winkelmann              mailto:jw at
Zurich, Switzerland    

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