[Clc-contrib] Bug tracking account

Oleksiy V. Khilkevich centericq at ukr.net
Thu Mar 2 20:20:22 UTC 2006

Good Day!

The new concept of crux.nu is really nice!
It's worth to say I like it!

Few problems:
1) there is a strange url handling problem with Timeline in Opera (other  
browsers?). Link falls to http:////crux.nu/svnweb/CRUX/log, and I have to  
remove two extra slashes to get into.

2) There in no link to Bug Killer from mainpage.
That was a real advantage of trac, when I could stress a bug very quickly  

Originally Johannes Winkelmann wrote:

> In the future, we'd like to allow bug reports against ports in contrib
> to collect known issues in one place. I'd therefore appreciate if you
> could register an account at https://crux.nu/bugs/?do=register; please
> use the same name there as you list in the Pkgfiles' maintainer line.
> Also note that we'll have to enable your account to allow creating
> tickets etc., we'll check for new accounts frequently during the first
> couple of days, however feel free to send me a note when you created
> your account to have it enabled ASAP.
> We're planning to make this a requirement for contrib; if you find this
> inappropriate, please speak up.

Very reasonable.

> Thanks, Johannes
Thanks to you guys for the work you do!

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