CRUX and such

Per Liden per at
Mon Mar 6 09:42:13 UTC 2006

On Wed, 1 Mar 2006, Johannes Winkelmann wrote:

> Hey Per,

Hi Johannes,

(CC:ing the mailinglist as well, hope you don't mind)

> I saw TIPC was merged into 2.6.16, congratulations.


> I assume it was a pretty intense time, judging from our inability to 
> reach you by mail :-).

Sorry about that. It has been a very busy period for me, with TIPC, other 
work and in my private life as well.

> Anyway, I hope that you're still interested in CRUX, and I'd be glad to
> write a quick summary of the work we did lately to save you reading up
> on clc-devel. Just let me know whether this is wanted.

For some time now I've been thinking about my role in CRUX. My personal 
goal for CRUXCon 2005 was as you know to make myself less important for 
the furure of the project. I think we succeeded in doing that and you guys 
have done a great job maintaining CRUX. I'm really happy to see CRUX 
progressing in this way.

I've lived with CRUX for about 6 years now and I've really enjoyed working 
with you guys. It is obvious that without you CRUX would not be remotely 
close that we it is today. It has also been clear that my available time, 
energy and interest in working on CRUX have steadily decreased over the 
past year or so. I've always wanted to think that this was a temporary 
thing and that I will return to working on CRUX as much as I once did. I 
have however realized that this will not happen.

So, instead of always having a guilty conscience for not working on CRUX 
I've decided to officially retire from the project. Maybe I some day find 
the energy I need to get involved again, but for now I think this is the 
best for both me and the project.

It feels very good to know that CRUX is in good hands and I'm sure you 
guys will bring the project to a level I never managed to.


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