Pet Peeve - Damaging Other people's work deliberately

Mark Rosenstand mark at
Fri Mar 10 13:00:40 UTC 2006

On Friday 10 March 2006 11:16, Nick Steeves wrote:
> On Thursday 09 March 2006 12:55, Mark Rosenstand wrote:
> > If documentation is nicely integrated with the application, as it's
> > the case with KDE, it isn't junk in my world either. Could we get a
> > comment (and maybe even action) from the KDE maintainer/packager?
> > :-)
> I've been considering how to breach to topic of the creation of
> /usr/share/doc for some time, and am actually kind of glad that it
> has become a community issue, and not just a personal inconvenience.
> To my knowledge, kde cannot simply be ./configur'ed to
> change /usr/share/doc to /usr/lib/kde3/doc, so it looks like a big
> "allow or disallow /usr/share/doc" decision. 

I think /usr/share/doc is the right place for it (at least according to 
the FHS which states "platform independant application data") - but the 
location isn't the issue; it's the junk people tend to put in there :-)

> Would only core KDE stuff be permitted to install documentation, or
> would all KDE software be able to?  For example, does anyone
> need/want amaroK's documentation?  KOffice's?  Smb4k's? BasKet?

I'd say all KDE applications because the "affects runtime" argument also 
count for them. Actually I think it's more important for them to have 
it since the docs for releases can be found on the net, but 
that's far from the case for all the third-party applications.

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