ilenia 2.0 released

Coviello Giuseppe cjg at
Sat Mar 11 17:21:51 UTC 2006

There are many new things in this release: beginning from the sourcecode
that had been rewritten to have a better usage of memory and an "unified
error and warning message system", all error and warning messages are
managed by two function.
The more tangible, for the user, new features are:
- the "not found policy", when a dependence isn't found ilenia can act
in three ways asking you if she can procede (setting this variable as
"Ask", the default), stopping the build and install process (setting
this variable as "Stop") or contnuing with next package (setting the
value "Nevermind");
- the introduction of "/etc/favoritepkgmk", to use a non default
pkgmk.conf for certain packages;
- the "sysupng", during a system update (`ilenia -U`), the packages
won't be updated merely in alphabetic order but with dependencies check;
for example if  gtk and pango are out of date, ilenia updates pango
before of gtk.

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