perl module packages

Martin Nordin martin.nordin at
Sun Mar 12 12:07:53 UTC 2006

Hi guys.

I've got some perl conundrums I'd like to discuss with you.

I'm trying to get the Swedish xmltv grabber to work. However I'm not
familiar at all with perl and I've noticed some strange things.

I just updated perl to 5.8.7 which causes all p5-pkgs to break as they
want to install thiere files under /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.6/ and
perl or make or whatever causes them to be in 5.8.7 instead.

Should version numbers be in the installation paths like this?

Can/should it be changed to /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl or something
instead? Isn't enough to separate the main perl releases like perl5
vs. perl6?

Is the changes in the minor perl releases large enough so one should
update/rebuild all p5- packages?

Also, during my attempts to get xmltv working I've run into a
seemingly endless string of new perl modules I have to create ports
for in order to get the thing to install. Is it the right approach to
create a new port for each perl module needed, or should I do one
xmltv_se port which builds all perl modules needed?


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