CRUX naming

Robert Bauck Hamar roberth at
Tue Mar 14 11:00:54 UTC 2006

*Oleksiy V. Khilkevich:
| On Tue, 14 Mar 2006 10:56:50 +0200, Mark Rosenstand wrote:
| IMO, the distro can be called CRUX, but anyway it is still GNU/Linux

Yes, it is called CRUX.

| On (I don't remember where), Stallman stresses that the kernel is  
| not Linux but GNU/Linux, that undelines the nature of kernel.

I thought the kernel was Linux, and everything else GNU?  That's why
Stallman insists on calling combinations of GNU tools with Linux kernels
GNU/Linux.  I could also argue that some distros should rather be called
X/Linux or KDE/Linux by the same argument.

| Anyway it's a hard matter to operate :)
| Basically for me, I agree with Stallman and call distro either CRUX or  
| CRUX GNU/Linux where acceptable.

CRUX was named CRUX, not Crux GNU/Linux, by it's creator.  You can argue
as long as you want if you want to call it a GNU/Linux distro or a Linux
distro, but please take that row elsewhere.
Robert Bauck Hamar
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