CRUX 2.1 and Oracle 9iR2

Matt Housh jaeger at
Wed Mar 15 16:13:42 UTC 2006

Greetings, all.

Is anyone successfully running Oracle 9iR2 (between and
on a CRUX 2.1 system? I'd like to set up a test machine for work running
CRUX rather than Red Hat Enterprise. The application server and related
software requires (at this time) Oracle Enterprise Edition 9.2.0.X, so
while 10g might be easier to get running, it's not an option in this

I'm willing to start working on compat libraries and the like to get
this running, just wanted to know if anyone else already has before I
spend a lot of time on it. There has been limited mention of oracle on
CRUX in the past on this list but no concrete details. Also, as I
understand it, the installation was only viable on pre-2.0 versions of
CRUX at the time, which I'd like to change.


Matt Housh (jaeger at freenode/#crux)

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