CRUX 2.1 and Oracle 9iR2

Hans-Joachim Michl hmichl at
Wed Mar 15 16:36:09 UTC 2006

Hi Matt,

running oracle on crux-1.3 here, not testen on crux-2.0
or anything else, compat-libs as of crux-1.3 are sufficient, as
oracle has not changed, this will rather not have changed too...
installation is somewhat ugly as there is no recommended
installation path on crux of course, i would suggest you to
try to setup oracle9i on crux-1.3 with anything but gcc/glibc
and kernel updated to acutal ports tree as we do here. after
this and having found out what oracle is expecting in farious
environment variables to allow installation - running an
allready installed and setup instance is much easier, the
java installer seems to be the pickiest part of the whole
thing... i would go on and try whith recent kernel and
glibc. the only real issues i can think of are the installer,
glibc and gcc worries and somewhat kernel specific tuning,
anything else should work just fine.

happy hacking


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Subject: CRUX 2.1 and Oracle 9iR2

> Greetings, all.
> Is anyone successfully running Oracle 9iR2 (between and
> on a CRUX 2.1 system? I'd like to set up a test machine for work running
> CRUX rather than Red Hat Enterprise. The application server and related
> software requires (at this time) Oracle Enterprise Edition 9.2.0.X, so
> while 10g might be easier to get running, it's not an option in this
> case.
> I'm willing to start working on compat libraries and the like to get
> this running, just wanted to know if anyone else already has before I
> spend a lot of time on it. There has been limited mention of oracle on
> CRUX in the past on this list but no concrete details. Also, as I
> understand it, the installation was only viable on pre-2.0 versions of
> CRUX at the time, which I'd like to change.
> Thanks,
> Matt
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> Matt Housh (jaeger at freenode/#crux)

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