Wine + Chinese fonts

Benoit Clennett-Sirois benoitcsirois at
Fri Mar 17 23:12:06 UTC 2006

Hi all!

This is my first post to the mailing list so I hope it
excuses my lack of knowledge of this mailing list's
protocols... It also mentioned "Avoid top postings"
but the link is dead from China where I currently
reside. I will the assume (and hope) that this is a
proper Top posting.

As this is my first posting, I'll begin with a corny
introduction; I was using CRUX back in Canada and
liked it very much, now I have been in China for 1
year and just took Windows out of this box that the
school gave me and put in Crux 2.1. I am quite happy
with how well the packages are maintained and I like
CRUX even more. I use it strictly for Desktop use

Ok so here's my question, hopefully it doesnt have a
very simple answer because i've been searching for a
at least 4 hours on the Net on how to do this with no

I compiled Wine last night using the /contrib/wine
package in order to use Miranda-im for windows, which
supports QQ, a Messenger used in China. There are
currently no Linux alternatives that I know of for QQ
because of recent changes on the QQ servers that deny
the 2003 protocol... anyways.

The problem (at least one of the problem) is that the
Chinese fonts do not show up under Wine, I downloaded
and copied the proper ttf's under
.wineroot./windows/fonts then tried that chinese
software, and notepad.exe, no luck, Chinese fonts fo
not show up under Wine. They do show up under X

Im not too sure what the --disable-nls option does in
Pkginfo files, would that be related?

Anybody knows how to use Chinese fonts under Wine?
Does Wine need to "register" the fonts in a special
way? Does it have to be compiled in a special way for
asian characters?

Anyways thanks for your help and hopefully I won't
turn this mailing list into a newbie forum...

-Ben :-)


Lèche-vitrine ou lèche-écran ?

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