About perl in crux (fwd)

Per Liden per at fukt.bth.se
Tue Mar 21 09:02:19 UTC 2006

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Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 01:31:12 +0100
From: Gab <korsani at free.fr>
To: per at fukt.bth.se
Subject: About perl in crux

I noticed that perl is depending on db: if perl was built with db 4.3.28
and you further compile and install db 4.3.29, perl fail at 'require
root at corum:/home/gab/sources/cashew/sauvegarde# sauvegarde-util-light.pl

DB_File needs compatible versions of libdb & db.h
        you have db.h version 4.3.28 and libdb version 4.3.29
Compilation failed in require at /usr/bin/sauvegarde-util-light.pl line 17.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/bin/sauvegarde-util-light.pl
line 17.

Is there a meaning to make such a dependence in Crux?

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