Setting up crux with apache and JRE 1.5 at at
Tue Mar 21 11:21:41 UTC 2006

Hello Helge,
I'm a italian Java developer and this is my first discussion on crux mail
list and excuse my not perfect english...
Returning to your problem... do you must set some environment variables in
/etc/profile or in your tomcat startup
and shutdown script:




remind to export it, and remind that Tomcat requires a JDK installation and
not a JRE.

I hope that this help you, if you have some other question post to the mail

Best regards,

Matt (goliath)

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	Oggetto: Setting up crux with apache and JRE 1.5
	Data: 20/03/06 23:44
	> Hello, 
> anyone having experience using Crux with apache/tomcat and JRE 1.5? How
> do I get java working? Must I "compile" java binaries to get going?
> Best regards,
> Helge Fredriksen
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