Testers needed for KDE 3.5.5 ports

Alan Mizrahi alan+crux at mizrahi.com.ve
Thu Nov 2 21:10:25 UTC 2006

On Thursday 02 November 2006 2:09 pm, Mark Rosenstand wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-11-02 at 10:15 -0400, Alan Mizrahi wrote:
> > - I have added shortcuts for searching in crux ports and youtube videos
> > on konqueror
> I hope I'm not alone in being a bit disappointed about this. One of the
> things that attracts me about CRUX is the fact that packages are mostly
> vanilla. I'd hate to see the KDE packages follow a different path as
> there's plenty of distros who push their ugly artwork and useless
> bookmarks down your throat.

The shortcuts are not like bookmarks, they are more like a hidden feature.  To 
use them you have to type in konqueror's addressbar the shortcut and then the 
keywords.  Try it out yourself:

imdb:seventh seal
ggi:natalie portman

Vanilla KDE already includes 87 shortcuts by default, including rpmfind.  I 
think having a crux port search shortcut is more useful for us than having a 
rpmfind shortcut.

I also like the youtube shortcut, but I can remove it if its considered 
useless.  Any opinions?

I always find myself using gg (google), ggi (google images), imdb (movies), wp 
(wikipedia) and youtube shortcuts, and the only one that isn't included by 
default is youtube.

Besides this, and changing the default configuration to use cups by default, 
there isn't any other customization I have made.

Thanks for the feedback, any other comments?

Alan Mizrahi

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