Testers needed for KDE 3.5.5 ports

Jesse Kokkarinen jesse.kokkarinen at kapsi.fi
Fri Nov 3 21:57:38 UTC 2006

On Fri, Nov 03, 2006 at 06:56:23PM +0100, Han Boetes wrote:
> It's not a matter of balance. kde doesn't need openldap and cups
> to build. But if you have ldap and cups installed before you build
> kde you will get support for it.
> On the other hand if you want to use prt-get depinstall kde you
> will install stuff you don't want to have and you don't need, so
> you have to manually compile the package which names the
> dependencies.

Fortunately prt-get does have an --ignore feature, but it does not mean
everyone will *always* remember to check what will be installed, if there is
something undesirable listed as a dependency.
> In my opinion it would be nice if prt-get would ask if you want to
> install "Nice to have:" dependencies if he finds them. And to
> avoid questioning you can set an option to automatically say yes
> or no.

In my opinion, prt-get should simply state that the author of a port may also
recommend dependencies xyz. This could be discussed though, see if there is a
larger demand from other users. So far, I am not for or against a feature
based on what you have stated. 

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