Crux PPC status update and Mailing List open

Giorgio Agrelli giorgio_a at
Thu Nov 16 11:04:41 UTC 2006

Hey all,

I wish to notify you that, as Klemens and others have been asking for,
we just opened a mailing list for crux-ppc. Please see the "community"
page of crux-ppc site if you're interested.

We (well, Acrux and me above others) are working hard to give new life
to crux-ppc and to make the distribution more usable. We're now focusing
on new ppc-specific ports and on documentation, but in a short while we
will be working to release 2.2 stable (it's quite a bit late, i know
:-/), and a 2.2+ with x11r7 and some other enhancements like the iBook
edition (but the isos you can download now work quite well). We'd also
like to collect links to private, ppc-specific repos in a page... Rxi
had his own i guess, right?

After that we'd like to start working on the new toolchain, and we hope
(i know, it's our fault) better synchronization and coordination with
the official Crux team.

bye for now,


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