regarding footprint-mismatch error message

Anton Vorontsov cbou at
Sat Nov 25 23:49:38 UTC 2006

On Sat, Nov 25, 2006 at 11:29:10PM +0100, RedShift wrote:
> Fredrik Rinnestam wrote:
> >pkgmk should print out a warning instead of an error on footprint
> >mismatch. Most "errors" are trivial and perfectly normal. I feel that a
> >warning would be more appropriate.
> I agree, it wouldn't be the first time I had to rebuild a port just 
> because I forgot -uf.

[ though some are just mocking around without bothering to think about
*why* users often confused by software and don't bother to fix the cause
of confuse or at least give some advice, I will do lost part, an advice
and uncover the cause ]

You don't have to rebuild package if footprint mismatched, built
.pkg.tar.gz file cooked fine, but not installed or upgraded if -i or
-u options given respectively.

The cause of confusion is: pkgmk prints nothing but package *building*

=======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:
NEW       drwxrwxrwt      root/root       var/spool/mail/
NEW       drwxrwxrwt      root/root       var/tmp/
=======> ERROR: Building 'abc#1.2.3.pkg.tar.gz' failed.

Not install/upgrade failed, but building. And that's is why it's not
obvious that package really built. [ Now it's not so funny, right? ]

Thus, all you have to do is pkgadd manually. The second thing you could
do is to look into /etc/pkgmk.conf for the ignore flag, which is is not
an option in some cases (if you really give attention to mismatched
packages, and want to force installation/upgrade of mismatched packages

> Glenn

Good day,

-- Anton (irc: bd2)

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